Let's start with the basics 

This is the space where you will build a strong foundation in tattoo art. You will learn the core and fundamental aspects of tattooing. I am so excited to get started with you. Make sure you scroll through the page as it is divided into parts (categories). Also look out for link for downloadable assets for certain videos. Happy Learning :)


Before you start the course (New Videos)

This is a welcome series, however important one. You will learn more about what's in this course, how to use and navigate through the website. Watch it before you start with the course.

Mind | Body | Energy (New Videos)

This is the most important section of the course. This is about the psychology of our mind, body and energy and how you can take control of each to bring astronomical success in your life. After this series of videos, learning tattooing will be as easy as eating a cake :)

Introduction to Tattoo art (New Videos)

Let us begin with tattooing, its history and the process of tattooing. This series is an overview of tattoo art and its process.

Fundamentals of Drawing (New Videos)

Before you get started with tattooing, it is very crucial to become good at drawing. This series will focus on the fundamentals of drawing, very basic stuff, yet very important. Poor drawing skills will not help you become the Pro Tattoo Artist. Lets draw :)

Tattoo Needles (New Videos)

This series will help you know all about tattoo needles. In the end of this series you will know everything about tattoo needles and its uses.

Tattoo Stencils (New Videos)

This series will teach you all about tattoo stencils. You will learn not only to make tattoo stencils but also learn various methods and best practices of it.

Tattoo Machines (New Videos)

You will learn about the mechanics of tattoo machine and its evolution. You will also be introduced to top 3 tattoo machines which will help you choose the right one for yourself.

Your First Tattoo Set Up (New Video)

Let us set up your first tattoo station. This series will cover all about the equipment and stuff you need to tattoo. 

Foundation in Tattoo art (Coming Soon)

Finally the series you have been waiting for :). This will help you get started with basics of tattooing on artificial skin. You will built a strong foundation with this series

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