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While you are on your path of learning the fundamentals of tattoo art, tattoo stencils play a very important role. Considering the fact that tattoos are permanent, imagine how risky would it be to ink without any reference on marking on the skin. This is where tattoo stencils play an important role. Tattoo stencils act like a blueprint on the skin for artists so that they can achieve the utmost perfection while tattooing. Stencils are widely used by tattoo artists around the world as it makes the process easier, faster, reliable to achieve an accurate output.

In this series of videos, you will learn all about Tattoo Stencils from scratch. This series covers individual videos that contain detailed information about the tattoo stencil papers, stencil printers available in the market, various methods of tattoo stencil making, how to place the tattoo stencil flawlessly, the dos and don’ts of stencil making and placing and a lot more. This series is unlike any other stencil making tutorials online, it is comprehensive, super detailed, and easy to understand.

Check out the assignment attached after you finish watching all the videos in this series. This assessment will help you assess yourself and memorize all that you have learned so far.


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Allan Gois

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Allan Gois is a Senior Tattoo Artist and Director at Aliens Tattoo. He is one of the most famous young tattoo artists and specializes in Realistic Tattoos and Cover-Up Tattoos.

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