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Allan Gois

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Before you start setting up your tattoo station, it is very important to understand the hygiene protocol and the dos and don’ts while you set up your tattoo station. The reason why the hygiene protocol is so important is that tattooing is a process that involves the client’s body fluids and blood oozing from his body while he is being tattooed.

It is the artist’s primary responsibility to follow strict hygiene protocol in order to avoid any kind of cross-contamination and to ensure their health is not put at stake.

So in this series, you are about to learn everything you will need to set up your tattoo station. You will learn about the equipment, the materials and how to arrange all of it step by step on your tattoo station. Learning how to set up your tattoo station is crucial and you shouldn’t miss it in order to avoid inconvenience which can be caused further while tattooing and post the process of tattooing.


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Allan Gois

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Allan Gois is a Senior Tattoo Artist and Director at Aliens Tattoo. He is one of the most famous young tattoo artists and specializes in Realistic Tattoos and Cover-Up Tattoos.

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