Colour Realism Portrait by Randy Engelhard

Randy Engelhard, One of the Best tattoo artists of our time shows his methods


Master Class: Randy Engelhard

Randal Engelhard

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Randal Engelhard, also known as Randy, is a German Tattoo artist and the owner of Heavens of Colors Tattoo Studio. His color shading techniques have earned him massive respect in the tattoo industry all over the world. If you want to master the art of color blending and color shading, he is the guy you go to.

Tattooing is not a trivial task and getting the right shades for the right design is something that makes even experienced artists struggle. In this webinar, Randy will teach you the art of working with dark undertones and balancing them with white shades to make your tattoos pop out.

As an experienced artist will tell you, improving from 50% perfection to 90% is easy. But if you want to go from 90 to 100, you will have to work twice as hard and master tricks that you were not aware of. Randy here will help you get to that 100 by giving you his expert tips on making tattoos look like masterpieces. You will learn about textures in more detail than you have ever been taught.

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