How to Build/Grow

your Tattoo Business

like Aliens

Learn the secret marketing strategies by the master himself, Sunny Bhanushali, Founder of Aliens


30th August 2020

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Who should watch this webinar?

Anyone who's looking to boost their tattoo business by solving all the problems through a robust, tried & tested system

What will you learn in this webinar?

Vision,Mission, Values & Goal

Become an

infinite player

Build a brand

Sell experience and not tattoos

80/20 principle

Company Vs yourself




to questions like

Learn about the problems that Aliens Tattoo saw and how did they resolved it. Build your Online Asset - Marketing.

The inner workings of

Social media marketing.

Email Marketing. Build your Email list. Facebook/Insta Ads explained. Deep dive in the Sales Funnel. Walk through on setting up your facebook ads, retargeting ads and building a custom audience

Meet the Mentor

The man of the hour is Sunny Bhanushali. He needs no introduction when it comes to his contribution to the global tattoo industry. 

Sunny Bhanushali is a founder of the Aliens Tattoo, one of the largest chain of tattoo studio across the globe. He also founded Asia's first Government Recognised Tattoo School, Aliens Tattoo School where he realised his vision of serving aspiring tattoo artists across the globe. It is one of the most trusted tattoo learning platform across the globe supported by industry giants such as Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, Dermalize, Eternal Inks, Squidster and many more.

Sunny is not only globally recognised for his mind-bending realism work on mythological tattoos but he is much respected as a great mentor, a teacher by thousands of students. He is one of the early initiators of one-day tattoo workshops which encouraged world renown tattoo artists to follow it to share their valuable skills with the world.

He is also the founder of Online Tattoo Learning Program called LILA - Learn It Like Aliens which promotes and encourages self-learning.

Sunny Bhanushali

Founder of Aliens Tattoo, Aliens Tattoo School and LILA

How does this webinar works


Online live Webinar

This webinar will be in-house live-streaming system. It is very simple and easy to join and interact this webinar.

Multi Camera set-up and Screen Sharing

This webinar will offer 3 views, that is 3 different windows which will have two camera views and one with my screen shared to run the presentation. This will give you great viewing angles and you won't miss a single thing.

Live Presentation and Practical Demonstration

I will run few live presentation which will allow me to explain things better. I will also do live demonstration on artificial skin to show how it is done

This entire session will be interactive, I will take questions through out the webinar. There will be lot of discussion happening too.

Interactive, Q & A Discussion and much more

Time to upgrade yourself and scale your art to make profits

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