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Real Artists teaching their skills

We have brought together various mentors who are real-life artists teaching their creative skills exclusively on Learn it Like Aliens. These classes are curated for all, from beginners to professionals who wish to learn and elevate their skills, express and monetize out of these skills. 


About Us

Embracing & Empowering Self-Learning

We at Learn it Like Aliens, have planned, curated and produced content with Real-life creators and artists from all over the Globe. 

With us, you don't have to limit yourself to just one skill, you can learn as many skills as you wish, at your own pace, in your time at unbelievably affordable costs.

Girl Getting Arm Tattoo

Radical. Affordable. Accessible. Real

Through our Radical team, we strive everyday to make knowledge Affordable, Accessible for all the individuals who have limited or no access to the Real knowledge.

-       Fundamentals of Drawing

-       Fundamentals of Tattooing

-       Introduction to Tattoo Art

-       First tattoo station setup

-       All about needles

-       All about tattoo stencils

-       All about tattoo machines

-       Fundamentals of Rangoli

-       How to make a designer Bag cake

-       Igor Buddha tattoo master class

-       Concept to design master class

-       Master class of Benjamin Laukis

-       Master class of Steve Butcher

-       Master class of Randal Engelhard

-       Master class of Mick Squires

-       Webinars 1,2 & 3 in mastery to photorealism in tattoo art

-       Interview with jay freestyle

*Weekly tips & Q&A Forum available.

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