Exclusive Webinar with Jay Freestyle

Jay Freestyle’s techniques and style are unconventional but super flattering. All of his works are unprepared and literally "Freestyled”. And the spontaneity of his tattoos is what makes them so unique. His specialty is large scale Surreal/Abstract tattoos that make use of the body's natural curves and shapes as a part of the design.

Needless to say, Jay is an iconic artist in the field of tattoo art and has left no stone unturned with his style. Artists like him aren’t usually easy to interact with and hence, this could be once in a lifetime opportunity for all.

Watch him Live in an interview with Sunny Bhanushali in our upcoming webinar.

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A comprehensive session covering most topics of discussion demanded by our students and followers.

Below are the questions we’ll be asking him in this webinar:

  • Breaking the monotony of tattooing, how it was perceived, and how did he go about it.

  • Do you believe that the mentors and teachers have a great share in the success of one?

  • If someone really poor on black and grey skills, will they do great color art?

  • What sort of difficulties you faced from your family, peers or competition, or veterans etc in his journey.

  • His daily routine focused to excel his art skills & the number of hours you dedicated to art every week.

  • Is art a gift of god or a skill that can be learned?

  • Take a dive into his mindset while he designs tattoos

  • The worst case of criticism and how he got over it.

  • Does he still recives criticisms?


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Meet the host

The man of the hour is Sunny Bhanushali. He needs no introduction when it comes to his contribution to the global tattoo industry. 

Sunny Bhanushali is a founder of the Aliens Tattoo, one of the largest chain of tattoo studio across the globe. He also founded Asia's first Government Recognised Tattoo School, Aliens Tattoo School where he realised his vision of serving aspiring tattoo artists across the globe. It is one of the most trusted tattoo learning platform across the globe supported by industry giants such as Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, Dermalize, Eternal Inks, Squidster and many more.

Sunny is not only globally recognised for his mind-bending realism work on mythological tattoos but he is much respected as a great mentor, a teacher by thousands of students. He is one of the early initiators of one-day tattoo workshops which encouraged world renown tattoo artists to follow it to share their valuable skills with the world.

He is also the founder of Online Tattoo Learning Program called LILA - Learn It Like Aliens which promotes and encourages self-learning.

Sunny Bhanushali

Founder of Aliens Tattoo, Aliens Tattoo School and LILA



For queries please email us at lila@learnitlikealiens.com