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Colour Surrealism Tattoo Art

Sunny Bhanushali will be Live Tattooing on an Advance Level Color Surrealism Tattoo


23rd & 24th July 2020

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A note from the Master

What will you learn in this webinar?

Day 1

Laying the ground work for the tattoo 

Advance Level

Full Session

I will be laying the ground work for the tattoo. You will learn n-depth about the following topics:

Colour Theory
Basics of colour wheel Understanding Hue-Saturation-Value Importance of high contrast


Quick sketches, brainstorming on design brief Process of Designing

How to bring values to perfection Tailor-made sizing to perfection.

Design Study
Analyze colors and tones
Using iPad and procreate to make the optimized color palette for tattooing

Stencil Prep
Using photoshop filter combined with hand-drawn lines Using inkjet printer to get a perfect stencil print

Tattoo Station Prep
Choosing Inks as per the palette made on iPad Inkcap arrangement
Organize colors
Needle selection
Machine Selection
Set up

Chair Set up for upper arm tattoo

Tattoo Session


Color packing technique

Color Blending Technique

Day 2

Live Tattooing Process on Real Skin

Advance Level

Full Session

I will be working on a live tattoo on real skin. You will learn about all the techniques I use to render advanced level color surrealism tattoo.

I will cover the following

Tattoo process

Base building

Machine speed and hand movement Pigment diluting technique

The flow


How to work on a 2-day tattoo
Where to leave the tattoo
How to continue from where it is left
Is it good to use pain-killers or numbing gel Finishing with whites


All about my aftercare process and how to take care of tattoo so that it heals amazingly well.

You will find answers to these questions and way more

My shading is rough, how to do soft shading? how do I make realistic portraits like you? what am I missing? what shoud be the machine speed for shading? how do I dilute the ink? what is the secret technique to do realistic textures? I do everything right but why my tattoos don’t look like yours? How to do shading with round shaders? The skin gets too red? Healed tattoos are faded? Which black works on dark skin? how to do realistic work on dark skin? How to do great award winning tattoos? Which needles are best for portrait tattoos? Which machine works best for realism work? How do you manage to work 10 hours on skin withour getting the skin red or causing damage? I have copied your work many times, but it never turns out like yours, whats the secret? What kind of practice should I do to improve my realism skills? Whats the best after care for indian skin? How much needle should be out for shading and lining? How much pressure to put on skin to have uniform colour packing? what is your colour packing technique? How to prepare image for tattooing? How to see details like a pro? How to enhance concentration? What is pendulam technique? What is enhanced whip technique? My tattoos get black/patchy while working? Whats the correct way to place a portrait on forearm or upper arm, should it face inward or outward? 


Time to level- up your tattoo skills and become a Pro Tattoo Artist

Meet the Mentor

The man of the hour is Sunny Bhanushali. He needs no introduction when it comes to his contribution to the global tattoo industry. 

Sunny Bhanushali is a founder of the Aliens Tattoo, one of the largest chain of tattoo studio across the globe. He also founded Asia's first Government Recognised Tattoo School, Aliens Tattoo School where he realised his vision of serving aspiring tattoo artists across the globe. It is one of the most trusted tattoo learning platform across the globe supported by industry giants such as Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, Dermalize, Eternal Inks, Squidster and many more.

Sunny is not only globally recognised for his mind-bending realism work on mythological tattoos but he is much respected as a great mentor, a teacher by thousands of students. He is one of the early initiators of one-day tattoo workshops which encouraged world renown tattoo artists to follow it to share their valuable skills with the world.

He is also the founder of Online Tattoo Learning Program called LILA - Learn It Like Aliens which promotes and encourages self-learning.

Sunny Bhanushali

Founder of Aliens Tattoo, Aliens Tattoo School and LILA

How does this webinar works


Online live Webinar

This webinar will be in-house live-streaming system. It is very simple and easy to join and interact this webinar.

Multi Camera set-up and Screen Sharing

This webinar will offer 3 views, that is 3 different windows which will have two camera views and one with my screen shared to run the presentation. This will give you great viewing angles and you won't miss a single thing.

Live Presentation and Practical Demonstration

I will run few live presentation which will allow me to explain things better. I will also do live demonstration on artificial skin to show how it is done

This entire session will be interactive, I will take questions through out the webinar. There will be lot of discussion happening too.

Interactive, Q & A Discussion and much more


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