Allan Gois has been proving to be that one example who inspires youth because of his determination.
Talking about Allan’s specialization, this guy kills it in every style he adapts. Hyper-realistic portraits & Cover-up tattoos are the styles that fall under his forte.

With his victory in the Heartwork Tattoo Festival, 2020 where he bagged the Best of the Show award for his full-back tattoo, Allan's wall of fame has many awards from national and international tattoo conventions within a span of 4 years. He is also the youngest tattoo artist in India who has been a part of the judging panel (Jury) at tattoo conventions.

Currently, he is one of the Directors and a Senior Tattoo Artist at Aliens Tattoo, the biggest and most renowned tattoo studio in India. Allan is also the lead mentor at Aliens Tattoo School and Learn It Like Aliens.

Allan Gois

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  • Fundamentals of Tattooing

    Learn about techniques used in tattoo art - Lining, Shading & Texturing, and Color Packing

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    This series covers individual videos about everything related to tattoo stencils

  • Script Tattoo on Real Skin

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