Animesh Srivastav is a young self-taught artist, with his quick learning abilities he has done work as an illustrator, visual/ concept artist, storyboarding artist, muralist, graphic designer and the list goes on. He holds a firm grip in traditional as well as in digital medium and loves to explore in both. In his past, he had exposure to a design school, where he gained some insights on designing which he ended up mixing it with his art to make it more impactful.

He strongly believes that success can only be attained through constant growth and hard work, and hence Animesh is currently aiming toward training his imagination/ visual library to an unreachable extent which can allow him to make master level drawings with fewer efforts.

According to him, if not very difficult then sometimes it becomes quite demotivating for an artist to grow because of much misleading information and erroneous education system out there. And thus he wants to help change the world for good by spreading education and help people with opportunities which they might miss.

Animesh Srivastav

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