Ginevra Grigolo is a 21 years old freelancer digital illustrator and graphic designer from Italy, currently based in London. Ginevra has been working professionally as a digital artist since 2017 but her passion for art started when she was a child.

Inspired and guided by her mother she improved and developed her passion as a self taught artist first focusing on traditional drawing, and then moving to the digital world, after studying graphic design in Los Angeles when she was 17.

She is now a student in UAL in London, attending the 3D animation while collaborating and working with different artist through digital painting. Her style aims to be realistic, giving attention to the details and spending time to refine the final artwork, but it also has a cartoony look, given by the signature details she adds before completing the picture. Ginevra is exited to share her passion with you in this course, hoping you can enjoy watching her paint!

Ginevra Grigolo

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