Madhusuja. S, is a Mandala Artist based in Mumbai, India.

She started her Art Career as a Tanjore Art specialist a few years back. Creating new designs for the murals led her to learn more about Mandalas. She completely took to drawing Mandalas a year and a half before. She is totally loving it.

For her Art or Drawing is my greatest expression. She had always been zealous about painting, rapid
sketching, and doodling. Art excites her and calms her too. She finds it both challenging and therapeutic. 
She is influenced by the work she sees on the online platforms. It is a pleasure and a motivation to see
innovative and creative designs out of simple everyday things. She often finds her work gyrating around Nature, Mythology, and Architectural marvels.

Nothing can equal the contentment of completing an artwork by hand; working engrossed with an intense
focus all the time; careful not to make errors. It is taxing but highly satisfying.

Madhusuja. S

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